The Movie Theater
I always strive to improve my skill as an animator and story teller.
A few of my animated accomplishments and endeavors are here.

Site Update - April 2013

Upcoming and in development:
1 - "RGB Racers" - Short film/music video, 3D
2 - "Maggie & Mitch" - Series pitch/pilot, Anime-stylized, 3D
3 - "Hoodrat" - Fable-based film/comic series. Scripting, Prelim Modeling, 3D

- Demo Reel 2009 -
This is my most current Demo Reel.
A synopsis of my work through college.

Features and Short Films

Live action w/
CGI effects.
First attempt
using Maya.
Kai Kohola
First ever
3D animation.

Animation Samples
(Traditional, Maya, Final Cut Pro)

Animated Marquee Design Samples
(Mesa Community College 2007-2009)

- Older Movies Page -

- YouTube Page -

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