A podunk storyline that clawed it's way out of the recesses of my mind, produced while my computer had some downtime. But, Man, oh, MAN! I've gained a new respect for what Schwartz does on a monthly basis, it takes a lot of ink to do a skunk.

Any way, what follows is a tale of the adorable and rambunctious little sister of the popular internet comic star Sabrina the Skunk, Tabitha Skunk, and her brand new pets. Hopefully it'll turn out good.:)


Finally got some time. Uploading 4 more new strips. The story starts to get good here. Enjoy! Strips 5-8.


More to the ongoing plot. I should get around to completing this short stint of a story by next month. Any how some good stuff happens in this month's installments, including a few guest appearences. Strips 9-12.


This hopefully will wrap up this short stint of a comic strip. 3 new strips. Tabitha and Sabrina try to find some way to disperse excessive Dustbunnies. I think I did the math right, and everything wraps up quite well. This of course could easily change into "Sabrina and the Dustbunny" but...uh...I think I'll leave the idea alone for now. Strips 13-15.


Geez, has it been that long? Well folks, I thought I'd just about wrapped it up but another good few ideas sprang to mind. 16 and 17 start the wheels grinding again. But now the plot shifts briefly to Sabrina's P.O.V.

Update : 5-5-2004

6 New strips added to progress or just add to the story a bit. These involve som of Sabrina's Transformers! ( I LOVE Transformers, too!) 2 Years is kind of a gap though, but these 6 constitute 2002/2003 strips. Strips 18-23.

So begins our story...

Strip 1 - Keep hands off glass.

Strip 2 - Truth in advertising.

Strip 3 - Semi-legable Handwriting.

Strip 4 - Guilty?

Strip 5 - Dustbunnies in Love.

Strip 6 - It's Ma-a-a-agic!

Strip 7 - Multiplying like something or other.

Strip 8 - Passing the buck.

Strip 9 - Worse than Tribbles.

Strip 10 - Unquestionably Fictitious.

Strip 11 - Two Black Rabbits are Better than One.

Strip 12 - Good Intentions. Wrong Person.

Strip 13 - Deja Vu...

Strip 14 - The Big Sorrowful Eyes Routine.

Strip 15 - Play it again, Sab.

Strip 16 - Plot twists can be fun!

Strip 17 - Double Take.

Strip 18 - When Panic Attacks

Strip 19 - The Storm Subsides

Strip 20 - For Ages 5+

Strip 21 - Lagomorphing

Strip 22 - More than meets the eye!

Strip 23 - Reconnaissance

That's it for now, I may post some later if I get any more good ideas.