Vicious Kitten

OK, you sick puppies, this is Vicious Kitten. Devised out of a junior high level mind came this rather disturbing comic. A cat who kills, maims, injures, and utterly destroys anything stickman related. It's ironic. He's a stickfigure too! It was amusing, and still is to this day. Although if I were to ever publish it as a comic it would be strictly an underground comic (meaning you'd never hear about it, only here folks!!!! LUCKY YOU, you sick puppies!!!!!.)

A remake of VK could happen, just as a stress outlet in my life. I will add more later, I know I've got them. I don't necessarily know WHERE, ... It's just a matter of REALLY digging into my files.

Warning: If you do not like blood and gore, DO NOT READ VICIOUS KITTEN

A brief EXPLANATION first: The reading of a VK comic strip.
VK comics are drawn like a comic on it's side, they always consist of six panels and are read in columns instead of rows. Don't ask why, that's just how it goes. Refer to the diagram for any questions.

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