Mattman - Super Stocker

"If you can draw that good, then why the hell are you working here." A constant saying among fellow employees at Target, as they would sit and admire my artwork. Truth is I needed the income, and professional art work environment don't come without, oh, say, a college degree. They'd probably never heard of the idea, but that's OK, I still loved 'em. A great crew on the night shift made it a pleasurable experience to work there, especially my boss Robin.

Now for the longest time, Robin would keep walking past me, calling me Mattman, and jokingly told me I'd have to make a Mattman comic for her someday. I'd joke with her too, saying "Yeah, sure Robin, sure. I'll make a Mattman comic someday, hehehe."

Eventually the time came when I'd saved up a decent nest egg, and I decided to give my two weeks notice. Robin kept telling how much I sucked for quitting, at least 3 times a night...all in fun, of course. It was probably because I was the best worker on the staff.

As a gesture of good sportsmanship, I got my revenge, in this 3-page comic book. The rest of the staff thought it was a hoot. I feel bad I didn't get to see Robin read it. She called out sick on my last night, when I planned to give it to her as my "letter of resignition." But I just knew she was probably fall out of her chair laughing when she read it.

Total drawing time, about 2 hours.

Revenge is SCH-wwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeT!!!!!!

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