I guess this is the title I came up with for this story. It's about a street detective, Rebecca Collins, who loses her memory in an accident, is coersed into serving a secret government agency, gradually uncovers a devious plot against her, and learns the truth about her identity, which she refuses to believe. Instead she seeks vengence on those who lied to her.

Not exactly a comic book. More like the storyboards for an animated piece. Actually I had a pretty good start, bitten by the writing bug. It's good right up to the part where she passes out and wakes up in a hospital on board 21 or 22, then I kinda lost it. I'll find it again soon, and when I do, I'll get around to a rewrite, and better concept art, maybe even a movie itself, sooner or later. So keep watching this site!!!

For now here's the older stuff, circa about '97. Writing is small and partially illegible, I apologize.

Rebecca - Concept

Boards 1-4

Boards 5-8

Boards 9-12

Boards 13-16

Boards 17-20

Boards 21-24

Boards 25-28

Boards 29-32